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Carol Andrew, a business woman from Surrey is celebrating a $137,000 casino win that may be the biggest-ever online casino win in the UK. According to Andrew she, “noticed that the jackpot was higher than I’d ever seen it. I told my husband, who was watching TV. Then he heard this little cry and we just sat there staring at the screen. We couldn’t believe it.”

Andrew had already won $20,000 on a game of poker, saying, “That was very exciting. You tend to think ‘that’s my win over now’ but I seem to be lucky. I think the odds are better than you’d get elsewhere, because online casinos have less overheads.”

The $137,000 payment was made on the working day following Andrew’s win. She received the money approximately a week later, after her winnings were converted to pounds. Andrew and her husband have, “Decided to take a Caribbean cruise next March and put a little aside for our retirement.”

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